The Very End…


And so I submitted my last and final assignment for the semester via e-mail to my professor at 5:36pm.

Deadlines. Late nights. Burning the midnight oil. Sacrificed weekends. Time crunch.

Today marks the end of all this. For now.

Two Master’s degree certificates waiting to be placed in my hands at the Commencement next week.

Is it true? I’ve finally made it to the finish?!

It feels hardly tangible.

But YES, I did it!

Hooray!! 🙂


As free as a bird.


Sad, a little.

Bittersweet, to be exact.


10 thoughts on “The Very End…

  1. Hi Phoebe,

    Congratulations!!! You deserve the 2 Masters Degree with all your hard work, passion
    and enthusiasm you demonstrated in your pursuit of this course. Best wishes to you
    in your future undertaking. Singapore is so lucky to have you back!

    • Thanks! 🙂 To work for a year or so and then attempt to apply for further studies in the USA with the intention of using it to do research in Singapore. I would choose SG as my site for fieldwork. But still need to figure out the right time to apply. Not sure if I need a break that is longer than a year. Been an uphill climb with the MA program!

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