Women’s March on Washington 2017

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Today marks a historic moment in America’s history!

People flew from all over the USA to attend the march in Washington to protest against the Trump presidency. There was an estimated turn out of 500,000 REGISTERED voters which is double the expected number. I can’t imagine what the total would be, if it was possible to add those who showed up but did not register. Can’t believe there are protests happening all over the world too!

I felt so inspired watching the different speakers on the big screen and seeing all the different signs that the demonstrators held up. What a positively emotionally charged atmosphere it was – such great energy! And how amazing to see the whole country unite to fight for women’s rights and equality for all!

So grateful for the certified Deaf interpreters on stage who made the event more accessible for Deaf attendees.

The experience was nothing short of incredible.

A day I will certainly live to remember.

So glad to be a part of it all! 🙂


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