A Beautiful Sunny Day…


Today was a good day. 🙂

Went for an early morning walk with a friend. Had a great time! 🙂 Long walks are one of my favorite things to do – need to do it more in the future.

After that, had a productive group project meeting with a classmate.

More work to complete tonight in the next 4 hours.

Hope I can finish it all.



4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Sunny Day…

  1. Past few weeks have been a long cold weather in Melbourne. It almost seems like the weather forgot when spring was due. On some of the coldest days when I’ve been under my doona and laying on top of an electric blanket, I would begin to question whether Melbourne is really the most liveable city in the world, as the media indicated!

    • It’s the opposite here..supposed to be fall (autumn) and gloomy but it seems like the opposite..we’ve had weather that is warmer than usual which is strange. Sometimes feels like summer. Today was cold so it is starting to feel like fall.

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