Election Day

So today is the day.

We will know which presidential candidate will win in a couple of hours.

America’s future hangs in the balance.

All I know is this…

I don’t want Donald Trump’s signature stamped on my two Masters degree certificates which I will receive at the graduation ceremony in May next year.



6 thoughts on “Election Day

    • Yes right! However, the cohorts that graduated this year and previous years are lucky to have Obama’s signature – first Black president of the USA. The cohort that graduated this year in May had his signature as well as that of our first female president at Gallaudet!

  1. If my daughter weren’t sort of awake still, I would totally be running up to my office to see if Obama did sign my BS. He was President then, but I think it was only my College’s Dean and the President of the university which signed it. I’ll have to check tomorrow!

    • Yeah for my university it is signed by the president of the USA, president of the university, chair of the board of trustees and the secretary of the board of trustees – 4 signatures in total!

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