Reconstructing a personal narrative…


In July 2013, I published a personal narrative about finding my Deaf identity in this blog. The story gives the reader a glimpse into my childhood years growing up deaf in a hearing society in Singapore as well as my first exposure to Deaf culture in Australia. After living in Washington, D.C. since August 2014, I realize that what I learned in Australia about Deaf identity was only the tip of the ice-berg. Graduate school at Gallaudet University, a university for Deaf and hard-of-hearing students, has reshaped my thinking. My whole identity underwent reconstruction. It changed my life!

This creative non-fiction piece needs to be re-written at some stage. No, actually “re-written” is not the right word. I don’t need to start over. I just need to re-frame this story and include my experiences in America. Perhaps this could be a summer holiday project to work on after graduation in May 2017. 😉 Or whenever the time is ripe.

If you want to read the story I published 3 years ago, feel free to click on the link below which will redirect you to the original post. 🙂

Phoebe shares her journey in search for her real identity in this personal narrative. Growing up oral and being taught that speaking was the way to go and to survive in the world, she reveals how s…

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