2016 and a hiatus from blogging…


With Chuhwa Shin at Natural Bridge Park, Virginia, 31st December 2015

After being constantly on the go for two weeks during my travels to Lynchburg (24th Dec to 1st Jan) and Toronto (1st Jan to 6th Jan), I have been enjoying settling into a routine since I returned to Washington D.C.  In the process, I have been doing some thinking while getting geared up for the upcoming spring semester, which starts exactly a week from now. 🙂

The highlights of my travels were having heart-to-heart conversations with friends, exploring places, and reading the book I am Malala: The Girl who stood up for Education and was shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafzai. She is the youngest person to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. While I was in Lynchburg,  I picked up the book from a stack of books at my friend’s house and read it.

I am MalalaI learnt so much about the history of Pakistan and have a better understanding of the existing state of affairs of the country. Throughout the book, I was deeply inspired by Malala’s courage to be different and not succumb to the status quo on how women are treated in her country.

Her determination to combat illiteracy and fight for the rights of an education for herself as well as other girls, is to be greatly admired. It would be awesome if I could meet Malala in person one day! 🙂 Reading this book has motivated me further in my passion for advocating for the rights of all Deaf children to have access to a quality education.

maxresdefaultTogether with her father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, she set up the Malala Fund to enable girls to complete 12 years of quality education in a safe environment in order to allow them to achieve their potential. This in turn will enable them to become positive change-makers in their families and communities.

To read more about updates on what she is currently doing, go to The Malala Yousafzai Blog & Story

Looking toward 2016…

2015 was a big year for me. 2016 is going to be massive in its own way. I’ve got a few goals to achieve. I am excited about the research project that I am currently working on. Something else that I am looking forward to is my overseas internship in the summer and all the international travel that I will be doing this year. There’s a few exciting things coming up. Just so much to learn! 🙂

I will also be graduating from Gallaudet in May 2017, if I successfully pass all my classes. Just 1.5 years left! As a result, I am starting to pray and seek direction for what I will do after complete my dual Masters degree. I have some idea of where I want to go but nothing is definite yet.

Overall, this year will demand my intense concentration due to lots on my plate. Hence, after much thought, I’ve resolved to reduce the amount of time I spend on all forms of social media in 2016. This decision includes taking a break from blogging for a period of time.

A friend wrote me this in an e-mail at the start of 2015:

Have you been writing, or taking a break? My friend (who is a painter) told me that she finds she goes through periods of “silence in her work”, when she just lets herself breathe in things around her without trying to process or express it in 2D or 3D work etc. When she lived in Brussels (and I first met her) she didn’t paint for two years and when she did start again, she said her work had changed and grown. Is this something that resonates with you?

I am ready for this period of “silence in my work.” Although I do have a few ideas for stories and writing projects for the future, now is not the right time to start on them. Now, is the time to focus on more urgent tasks, and let myself absorb my surroundings without trying to process my thoughts and emotions in words. When I start blogging and writing stories again, it will be interesting to see how my writing has evolved. I look forward to that time.

To my readers…

Thank you for reading my blog.

I don’t know when I’ll publish my next blog post. It could be as short as 3 months or even over a year. No matter how long or short the break, I’ll certainly be back at some stage.

Bye for now! 😉

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. ~Proverbs 19:21


View of Toronto city from the Toronto Islands, 6th January 2016, Photo Credit: Karthik Vijayanandam



10 thoughts on “2016 and a hiatus from blogging…

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  2. Will miss reading somenof your blogs for the time being and Malala is an amazing person who inspires us all. Take lots of care Phoebe and I have no doubt you will achieve all your goals 😊

  3. Hi phoebe,
    I’m a volunteer in canossan school in singapore.
    I’m very glad to see that you have achieved success on your education.
    Peter tan

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