The best news ever!

Last night while I was doing some studying, my roommate came to tell me to check my e-mail. Her face was lit with excitement. She said that all classes were cancelled the next day due to the inclement weather. I logged into my e-mail account and this messaged appeared on my laptop screen.

photo 1

The best news ever! 🙂

I really needed the break. Actually, all the students did. It was such a struggle to  get through a whole day of classes yesterday. I almost didn’t show up to class as I felt under the weather. My professor ended up dismissing us an hour earlier because she said that all of us looked like we were going to doze off. It was true. I could  barely concentrate and all my energy was spent. It has been bitterly cold the past few days which means that waking up in the mornings is a real torture.

I didn’t do anything much except sleep in in the morning and run a few errands that needed to be done. As I exchanged text messages with friends in the afternoon, I realized that all of us felt exhausted and spent almost the entire day in bed. The flu bug has been going around too. I certainly hope I don’t get it!

This evening, I walked out of my on-campus residence to get some documents printed in the computer lab and these beautiful sights greeted my eyes. 🙂 Absolutely breathtaking!

Sights of Gallaudet in the heart of winter

Sights of Gallaudet in the heart of winter

On another note, one of the things I managed to accomplish during the day, was booking my round trip bus tickets and accommodation in New York for spring break. I got a good bargain so am pretty happy! 🙂 My friends and I are looking forward to heading there to explore for a bit and to attend the Amnesty International Human Rights Conference in Brooklyn. We have exactly 28 days to go.

And so, the countdown begins. 🙂


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