No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie


I was rapt when they announced that there was going to be two free screenings of No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie right here on campus. I headed to the film tonight after work. The movie was sensational. It evoked a variety of intense sentiments in me. I could connect with many aspects of the film particularly the barriers faced by Deaf people in everyday life. It also made me feel empowered because it conveyed the message that Deaf people can do anything except hear.

What followed the screening was a special live appearance of 3 of the executive producers of the film; they are Liz Tannebaum, Paul Maucere and John Maucere. They responded to questions by members of the audience in a Q & A session on the stage. Watching them share their snippets of their life journey and how they achieved their dreams to produce this film left me feeling deeply inspired. What a perfect ending to the night!

I thought of writing a full review of the film right here on this post but I happened to come across a well articulated comprehensive review written by Dr Sharon Pakja, a faculty member of the English Department at Gallaudet University. It has been published on her blog, Deaf Characters in Adolescent Literature.

To read Dr Pakja’s review, click here: No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie Screening at Gallaudet University

Deaf Characters in Adolescent Literature contains many other detailed posts on adolescent books with Deaf Characters, websites, author interviews and book reviews. Do check them all out! 😉


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