Going to America? Get Inside Information

I feel extremely blessed to have met the author of this book in person a few weeks ago in Singapore and to be given a copy. I have read every page and learnt so much from it. I am convinced that this is God-send! 🙂 After reading this book, I can see many differences between Singapore and America. I am also able to identify some differences between Australian culture and American culture. It has certainly given me a much better idea of what to expect.

Hopefully, I will be able to adapt quickly to my new life when I set foot on American soil on 6th August. Deep within, I have this incredible sense of peace that I will be OK. I’m so excited. Really can’t wait to arrive there! 😉


This book is a first-hand account of Lydia and her family’s experience of living in the United States of America for over 10 years. Written through the eyes of a foreigner, it is a comprehensive guide peppered with many aspects of American lifestyle and culture. It covers topics such as racial sensitivities, US work culture, the education system, social life, U.S politics and more. Any individual attempting to settle in and adjust to the way of life in America will benefit from perusing its contents. Americans reading this book will also gain an insight into the experiences and challenges that foreigners face. A must-have for anyone heading to the USA!

Hardcopies or e-book versions can be purchased on the Amazon website.


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