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Scene from Switched at Birth Season 2

Scene from Switched at Birth Season 2

DAPHNE: I was just listening to you today tell us how great it is to be deaf…about all the privileges we have. Sometimes I believe that…and sometimes I just…don’t. If I wasn’t deaf, the attack never would’ve happened.


DAPHNE: I don’t want this to have happened.

MELODY: But you can’t pick and choose. You can’t say I want one part of being deaf but not the whole thing. This is the downside of being deaf. People will make fun of you. People will target you. You will have to fight twice as hard to get taken seriously. You get a richer, deeper life from being deaf…That’s my opinion. But it comes at a cost.

What impactful lines from a signed dialogue between the Deaf characters, Daphne and Melody in Switched at Birth Season 2!

I agree with the character Melody, played by Deaf actress Marlee Matlin. Being Deaf is a wonderful thing and it leads to a life of enrichment and depth. It comes with its barriers and frustrations. However, it is the challenges, the pain, and the overcoming of them that makes life as a Deaf person all the more worthwhile.

Being deaf and embracing my Deaf identity bestows me with a unique perspective and experience of life, that can’t be found anywhere else.

I wouldn’t trade my life for anything in the world. 🙂


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