Switched at Birth

Switched at Birth Season 1

Switched at Birth Season 1

I was only into the first episode and immediately thought to myself “What a riveting plot!” I love how this TV series promotes family values and narrates the complication of the switch when it was discovered, making the storyline more and more interesting with each episode. It is a TV series that families and many individuals will most certainly be able to connect with.

While the plot is captivating in its own right, my favourite parts of the show are when the Deaf and hearing cultures collide and meet each other. A number of people I know, use the terms hearing world vs Deaf world. However, I prefer to refer them as 2 distinct cultures in one world because there is ONLY world. There is an accurate portrayal of the issues, assumptions and barriers that all Deaf people encounter in contemporary everyday life as well as the beauty of communicating in American Sign Language (ASL). The hearing characters have done a fantastic job but the Deaf characters totally steal the show. My opinion only. 🙂

I love the authenticity of the issues captured in this series. It moved me to tears. I must admit I was emotionally charged at some points. What an excellent way to raise Deaf awareness in the mainstream media. A must watch for those in the Deaf community and people who are interested in learning and understanding about deafness. Also for those who have never had any connections with Deaf people or are clueless about Deaf culture, your eyes will be opened to the intricacies in the lives of Deaf people.

Kudos to the producers!

Now, I’m on to Season 2 of the series. 😉


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