Mad about fishes

Since getting my Siamese fighter, I couldn’t resist setting up a proper tank with 2 fishes initially. Over the past few days, I gradually got a few more and now have a fish community of 1 red and white comet, 2 danios, 2 widow tetras, 1 golden medeka and 1 white cloud mountain minnow. I have named each of them. 🙂 So including my fighter, they all add up to a total of 8 fishes. Each fish has its own unique personality and behavioural characteristics.I enjoy watching them darting back and forth in the tank. I was also reminded of a specific verse John 1: 3 that says “Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.” I can see up close that each fish is so intricately designed and beautiful in its own way. God is so awesome! Lately, I have been researching information about fishes and am so fascinated by what I’ve learnt.

Here is a photo. See if you can spot all 7 in the tank. 😉



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