At the right place at the right time…

DAN presents an Artist Profile Interview with Edan Chapman

I was greatly inspired by this encouraging and insightful interview with Edan Chapman. In the video, Edan talks about how his Usher’s Syndrome impacted his life. He goes on to elaborate how his life changed radically for the better after he came into possession of a camera given to him by his uncle upon his request. When asked how it is possible for him to take photos because of his Usher’s syndrome, Edan pointed out that using a camera was “a perfect extension” of his situation. The camera helped him to see better in some ways and to develop an eye for detail.

Edan won 1st Place in the NSW North Coast Tafe Photographic contest in 2010 for his photograph titled “Green smiles” which features a gecko smiling. Congrats, Edan! 🙂 He managed to “capture the moment” perfectly. When asked what he meant by “capture the moment”, Edan explained that he didn’t really believe in “planned photos as life is so sporadic. “Sometimes you have to be at the right place at the right time and then the magic happens. Like… A sunset! Then a bird swoops past the sun!” These words really resonated in me.

As a writer, at times I get “stuck” or make no headway in my writing especially when I plan my writing sessions – simply to sit down and type away at my laptop. I experience writer’s block. However, when I am thinking of my writing piece as I carry on my daily duties, there are moments when the right words or ideas just come to me and it flows in my writing. This can happen when I’m driving, chatting with a friend, or out at the shops – just doing normal everyday stuff. It is in the spontaneity of life as it goes along, that the words or ideas just come into my head in that instant. Or to put it simply, I experience a “lightbulb” moment. And, I know I must write them down.

When asked if he thought Melbourne was a good place for Deaf artists to develop their skill and talent,  Edan did not hesitate to say yes and mentioned that Melbourne had everything he needed – resources, support, community, everything. I know and I agree. 🙂 When I decided to take my interest in writing more seriously in 2009 by entering writing competitions and taking up writing contracts, Deaf Arts Network announced that there was going to be a Deaf Can Write workshop facilitated by Arnold Zable in 2010 as part of the Melbourne Writer’s Festival. In 2012, “Through Deaf Eyes” was another event organised by the MWF, an initiative of Arts Access Victoria. I really enjoyed being involved in the writing workshops and in the performance of my story during the festival itself. Recently, I received an email from Sam Twyford-Moore, director of the Emerging Writers Festival(EWF) saying that they are trying to program some wonderful events for Deaf writers for the 2013 EWF. Yay! More exciting developments to come! I believe that Melbourne is a place where opportunities abound for me and for all Deaf artists.

I just want to say thank you to Edan for allowing me to write my reflections on his interview and to Stef for her permission to use post the video. He has inspired me to continue to grab whatever opportunities come my way to develop my skills as a writer and not give up when the going gets tough. Well done for coming a long way as a photographer and a film-maker! I wish you all the best in your future projects!  I’m sure you will be more than successful. 😉

I know that I am “at the right place at the right time.”

No matter how hard the journey, I will not give up.

Deep down,

There is a burning desire.

I know that I MUST write. 😉


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