Craft your world with words


I attended the Writer’s Victoria 2013 program launch: Craft your world with words, 2 days ago. A few things about that night left me thinking about my journey as a writer. It made me search the depths of my heart on the direction I wanted to take in my writing – what I really really wanted to write about. The speeches made by different speakers impacted me greatly. One in particular really struck a chord within me. I can’t recall that speaker’s name but I know that everything about his speech has given me a clear picture on the topics I should touch on in future writing projects and will influence everything that I write from now on.

When he opened his speech with the gospel of John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God” and then proceeded to quote Genesis 1:3 And God said “Let there be light,” and there was light. There was cause-and-effect. The word “craft” meant creating something with our hands from nothing to something. There was chaos first and then organisation. As writers, we craft our words like weaving tapestry and organise our thoughts as we write. We create.This reminded me that God made man in his own image and that all human beings reflected Him in some way. If my memory serves me right, the speaker mentioned that everyone in the audience was like “little gods” because all writers create. As my eyes were focused on the Auslan interpreters throughout the speech, and wishing to reiterate the fact that Auslan is a different language to English in form and structure, my fingers are crossed that I managed to translate what the speaker meant accurately in all that I’ve written so far. I have to admit that the speed at which the interpreters signed, left my understanding scattered at some points.

All I know is that God created me and has put a burning desire in my heart to write. He wants me to use this gift of writing for His purposes.

After the speeches, I got to talk to a few people and had the privilege of meeting Nalini Haynes, an editor and having an extended conversation with her. From that one conversation, I learnt heaps and this has spurred me to start another blog to promote myself as a writer and to reach the public. I’ve had past blogs in which I shared my personal experiences but only preferred to share them with a couple of friends that know me as I consider myself a private person. My motivation for blogging previously waned but attending the launch has rekindled my interest in blogging and to do it well. 🙂

In the midst of creating this blog and searching for a template, it dawned on me that the picture of the sun rising from the horizon reflects my current journey. It is just the beginning of a new chapter for me. After much thought, prayers and going through some challenges this year, I’ve decided to accept an offer to study a Masters of Writing and Literature at Deakin University part-time. To be able to pay the bills, I will continue teaching 3 days a week. I mentioned this to author, Arnold Zable during an interview session with him that I would be getting a pay cut because I had decided to pursue further studies. He asked me this question: “At the end of it all, which would be more important to you – to make lots of money or for the opportunity to express?” I know without saying anything that I have already answered that question. 😉 I’m excited to embark on this new journey and see where it takes me.

Currently, with a full-time teaching load, I can hardly find the head space to sit down and write apart from contributing monthly articles to the DiVine website. Oh how I miss those carefree days as a kid where I used to write short stories at home after school. I know that dropping my time fraction will give me the time I need to write. Recently, a friend asked me “What’s your next project?” There is no project.The months have been filled with other activities apart from work -house hunts, preparing to relocate, parties, social events, etc…Life takes over. Still in the corner of my mind in spite of all the busyness, sits the writer in me wanting to make space to express creatively. I know I’ve made the right decision in making changes in my life. 🙂

Another factor that has influenced me to set up this blog is the Emerging Writers Festival (EWF) 2013 Digital Mentorship program which I am keen to apply for. They will select 3 people out of all the applicants to work on the 6 months digital journal with training. My fingers are crossed that I will get the opportunity. Wish me luck! 😉

When I e-mail the EWF my application, I need to e-mail a short paragraph on why I want to join the program and what I want to write about. I’ve been pondering for a few days. This together with what took place during the launch has informed me on what my heart wants to write about – fiction, non-fiction, and all forms of  writing. There will be times when I touch on Christian themes because I am a Christian. There will be other occasions where I write about Deafness because I am Deaf. i will also write about topics that interest me such as travel, books and films, to name a few. More importantly, I know what I want to write – that which nourishes the soul. 🙂

“A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul” ~ Proverbs 13: 19


2 thoughts on “Craft your world with words

  1. A beautiful piece. I wish you all the best in your writing endeavor and you won’t need luck because I know just by reading few of your blogs that you will do very well. Well done for working out your priorities in life – having a passion and motivation is the best thing in life. Life is worth living if you’re following your dream.

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